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Some simple samples

  • My first map
  • Import data
  • Map process
  • Intervals on map

  • Clients on a road map
  • Import Shapefiles

Import data in your map

  • In Migratio explorer, double-click on a data file (.mig) to import in a map
  • Ensure that this file has a common column with map data (key)
  • Click on the unique key column on the rigth side of the window
  • Execute the fusion
  • Verify that your new columns are in the map data

Import de donnés sur la carte

You can also execute this code :

	Ouvre Fichier = 'SOURCES.FranceDepIGN_GEOREF' IsFondCarte ;
	Select CARTE ;
	JointureFichier Fichier = 'WORK.MesDonnees' varID =  'CODE_DEPT' ;
Finproc ;

Import Excel data by the code :

	Sortie Fichier = 'WORK.demoPCA' Replace ;
	Excel Source = 'PGM.demoPCA.xls' Feuille = 'Data$' NomsDansPremiereLigne ; 
Finproc ;