Some simple samples

  • My first map
  • Import data
  • Map process
  • Intervals on map

  • Clients on a road map
  • Import Shapefiles

Opening a map

  • Menu Fichier -> Ouvrir un fond de carte (.msh)
  • or drag and drop an .msh file from Migratio explorer
  • Select first item to redraw the map
  • You can add layers to a map by selecting the second option item
  • The third option is to add polygons to an existing map

Ouverture de fond de carte

You can also execute this code :

	Ouvre Fichier = 'SOURCES.FranceDepIGN_GEOREF' IsFondCarte ;
	Select CARTE ;
	BackGround Nom =  Vierge ;
	Border Nom =  ActiveCaption  ;

	CalqueCouche  NomCalque = 'CADRE ET ARRIERE-PLAN' NotVisible ;
Finproc ;